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Chip and Tom Hunter are the fourth generation of Hunters to be farming the original homestead in Florenceville, New Brunswick on the banks of the beautiful St. John River. They started farming in 1978 and since 1980 have been devoted to the production of sweet corn. Starting with only 3 acres of corn, they steadily increased production to nearly 60 acres by the late 1980's when they were a major supplier for independent grocery stores from Fredericton to Saint John.

Over the years, Hunter Brothers have worked diligently to produce the best corn for their customers. They have tested over 150 different varieties of corn in an ongoing attempt to find those qualities in corn that are popular with their customers, but that also fit their method of growing and handling corn.

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After selecting only the sweetest and most tender varieties, Hunter Brothers plant and nurture this corn to the peak of its quality. At this point the corn is picked by hand. It is then brought into the packing shed where it is hand graded and bagged. Following the grading process it is then hydrocooled in their spring-fed pond.

After operating a small kiosk like vegetable stand for many years, they built a beautiful Farm Market in 1992, complete with walk-in cooler. Five years later, in 1997, this farm market building was expanded to double the floor space. Since then they added bakery facilities as well as a preserving kitchen. This has added another dimension to the Farm Market.

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In 1997 Chip and Tom started making small Sudan grass and corn mazes after seeing one at a farm marketing conference. In 2001 they hired local survey engineer Trevor Welch to design and lay out a six acre cornfield maze in the shape of the New Brunswick flag and the rest, as they say, is history. Hunter Brothers are now known across Canada for their iconic corn maze designs.

It really Is a Family Tradition!