corn Maze

Toronto Raptors 2019

Hunter Brothers Farm has created another slam dunk corn maze. This year, our 6-acre labyrinth celebrates the Toronto Raptors NBA Championship win. The maze features The Raptor with his eye’s on the prize (the Larry O'Brien NBA Championship Trophy) and the ‘We The North’ slogan.

This is Hunter Brothers’ 19th annual corn maze design and their seventh to celebrate Canadian sports. The Toronto Raptors maze joins their other iconic maze designs of Terry Fox, Jean Béliveau, Patrick Roy, and Secretariat, who have all been commemorated in corn.

The maze is open September 7 to October 27, 2019

How It's Made

Once we decide on the theme, we have a graphic designer draws up some concept sketches and lays out the maze paths. Once we are happy with the image our survey engineer plots GPS coordinates for the design on his computer. The 6-acre field is prepared and planted in a crisscross pattern to fill out the canopy. The surveyors then come in and lay out the design in the field using GPS and flags. The Hunter crew, equipped with a small sprayer, goes in and removes the corn which needs to be "erased" to make the paths. After several days of work making the trails we use a small drone to inspect the maze and fix any small mistakes.

The maze is made up of many large paths. The objective is to find and answer all the trivia questions related to our theme that are hidden throughout the maze while navigating your way to the exit.

maze 2006 (1).jpg