Preparing Corn

After purchasing your corn keep it cool by storing it in the fridge. This is an important to preserve its sweetness.

  1. Fill a pot with water and bring to a boil
  2. Place corn into boiling water for 2 MINUTES
  3. Remove corn from pot and serve

Corn can be eaten raw, you only have to heat it up to melt the butter!

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Growing Corn

Over the years, Hunter Brothers have worked diligently to produce the best corn for their customers. They have tested over 150 different varieties of corn in an ongoing attempt to find those qualities in corn that are popular with their customers, but that also fit their method of growing and handling corn.


After selecting only the sweetest and most tender varieties, Hunter Brothers plant and nurture this corn to the peak of its quality. At this point the corn is picked by hand. It is then brought into the packing shed where it is hand graded and bagged. Following the grading process it is then hydrocooled in their spring-fed pond.